About Oman

Oman is an Arab country located in the Southeastern coast of the Arab Peninsula in Asia, the third largest country in the peninsula, with an area of 309, 501 squared kilometers. A hidden jewel, this ideal location opens diverse channels of economic and cultural communication, maintains deep ties to the rich culture and history of the region and is deemed one of the most geographically diverse countries in the Middle East.

Consisting of high mountains and deep gorges, to water-filled wadis, beautiful, long beaches and some of the world’s most remarkable desert land, the vibrant beauty of Oman reflects in every part of the country. An amazing combination of ageless heritage and modern life, Oman has a population of almost 5.107 million, 40% of which is expatriate, with both Arabic and English widely spoken.

As the oldest independent state in the Arab World, Oman has embraced modernization and progress while staying close to the heart of its culture and heritage. Oman’s culture draws great inspiration in its proud heritage and history of seafaring, trading, and exploration. Today, historical traditions blend seamlessly with modern living, with the latest high-end brands sold alongside traditional items.

What sets the Sultanate apart is the hospitality of the Omani people, welcoming those from far and wide travelling across seas. Today, the Sultanate’s lifestyle, safety and stability makes it an ideal location for local and foreign investment and promotes its industries, building a vibrant and forward-looking state and economy.

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